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Who We Are

We are a professional group of architects AND entrepreneurs with THE passion to contribute towards a better tomorrow. We provide CREATIVE DESIGNS AND solutions for OUR CLIENTS and pride ourselves on our unparalleled PRODUCTS AND dedicated serviceS.

At kindi, we believe that the right understanding OF PROBLEMS and SOPHISTICATED TOOLS can lead PEOPLE AND companies towards a successful future. We always seek valuable feedback from our clients.

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Creation of A New World

Witnessing The Future

The entire world is going through a massive transition from real to the digital, and the integration of the two has accelerated drastically in recent years. precisely , in that the digital creation can be anything one can imagine, and now you can test/experience it in the Metaverse.

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Live it then build it

The metaverse is an uncharted region full of possibilities and utopia without the physical world's COST AND CONSTRAINTS.

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The Territory For Innovation

For many years, the internet has been mostly a 2D catalog with hyperlinks, and now it finally starts to look interesting with the potential for 3D experiences and will change the way we work, shop AND live. architects play a role in shaping and enriching the grand metaverse. 




The Metaverse is the newest macro-goal for many of the world’s tech giants.




The realm of the metaverse is a new territory in which architecture can play a significant role.



 Innovative desigens 

The Possibilities Are Endless

Our Information & Images


New Experinces 

To keep users entertained, the Metaverse requires a great deal of content. Residential buildings, office buildings, amusement parks, virtual movie theaters, virtual concerts, virtual schools, shopping malls, are examples of such content. furthermore, whatever else you may think of are also all possible.

New Possibilities 

We design unique assets backed NFT for clients who like to create, experience and collect one-of-a-kind assets. Furthermore, we design items like furniture, sculptures and textures for your metaverse.

Open Market

Interested in getting a behind the scenes glimpse into our Information Technology Startup Company? Give us a call, we’d love to hear from you.

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